vendredi 17 février 2012

Exhibition - from 31 March to 7 April 2012

Out of the Crowd 2012's exhibition is inviting the french graphic designer collective L'Atelier du Bourg and their exhibition projet "Homer's Odyssey in 48 prints". The exhibition, bringing together artists from all over France and Belgium, tries to recount the epic tale of Ulysses through a series of contemporary prints, made by lino-, woodcut and silkscreen print. Based on a text considered complex and old-fashioned, the exhibition offers a modern vision of Homer's work, but also of traditional printing techniques. An unconventional journey questioning the notions of transmission and interpretation.

From 31 march to 7 april, open from tuesday to saturday 14h-19h, free entrance !

Participants :
Collectives: Pan ! (Nantes) / Arrache-toi un oeil (Paris) / Cagibi (Lille) / Amour et Linge Sale (Montaigu) / Force Béton (Bruxelles) / Presse Purée (Rennes)
Artists : Alice Bertrand / Claire Chaboud / François Collette / Loïc Creff / Alexandre de Moté / Sylvain Descazot / Julien Duporté / Théodore Duporté / Stéphane Girod / Sophie Glade / Benjamin Grafmeier / Raphaël Gromy / Éléonore Hérissé / Audrey Jamme / Fred Langout / Catherine Le Carrer / Alexandre Leguedey / Cédric Lestiennes / François Marcziniak / Mioshe / Emmanuel Pamphile / Myriam Pennetier / Estelle Ribeyre / Kim Gerard Roselier / Ryngar / Lucia Salzgeber / Olivia Sautreuil / Michel Schmitt / Maxime Sudol / Dorian Taburet / Nicolas Thiebault / Gwen Tomahawk / Klaus Walbrou

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