mardi 24 janvier 2012

What up!

Hey people,

we'll be announcing new bands in a couple of days but be assured that there are plenty of other surprises with great acts still to come!

Can't wait to be on the 31st of March, what about you?

To sum up the line-up so far :

* Breton (UK/Fat Cat Records-Electronica)
* Aucan (It/AfricanTape - Live-Dubstep)
* Rumble In Rhodos (Nor-Indie Post-Hardcore)
* Sun Glitters (L-Post-Dubstep-Shoegaze)
* Cyclorama (L-Shoegaze)

+ 4 more bands to come!

Grand dub-step Flash!

No bands can claim having toured so much over the last two years!

Aucan, well they actually can! Having played pretty much everywhere in Europe.

They'll be playing the Out Of The Crowd Festival and give people what they know what to do best :
A good dose of live instrumental dubstep with a pinch of angular and atmospherical rock!

Lets get Ready to Rumble...In Rhodos!

We're proud to announce that the festival will welcome the Norwegian Post-Hardcore heroes :

Rumble In Rhodos!

They're probably one of the hardest working band from the last years and just have put out a brillinat record called : "Signs Of Fervent Devotion"

Enjoy !

mardi 17 janvier 2012

Second local act confirmed : Cyclorama

Hey everyone,

Cyclorama has been one of the hottest band around Luxembourg over the last months with the release of a first EP as a band and outstanding live shows around the country. They will surely be a band to watch at the Out Of The Crowd!

Second confirmed act : Sun Glitters !

Born from the ashes of his ancient project : Sug(r)cane. Victor Ferreira came back with his new project Sun Glitters with a sound so in today's mood that he had reviews in reknowned blogs such as Pitchfork.

Expect some quality Shoegaze/Post-Dubstep from this amazing artist from Luxembourg!

lundi 16 janvier 2012

First Band confirmed : BRETON (UK/FAT CAT)

Hey people, we're really happy to announce the first band for this 2012's edition!

It's nonetheless than Breton from the UK signed to the excellent label Fat Cat!

jeudi 12 janvier 2012

Out Of The Crowd IX

Hello everyone,

we're back on tracks for this year's edition that will take place on the 31st of March!

We've already confirmed a couple of killer bands and I'm pretty sure it will be a pretty great edition!

First bands will be announced on Monday so stay tuned for some more Indie action!