jeudi 25 février 2010

Internet Links

We continue with a second post with all the links to the bands, so you can make your hears happy :

* 65daysofstatic-UK (
* Royal Bangs-USA (
* Tubelord-UK (
* Vessels-UK (
* Patterns-D (
* Heartbeat Parade-L
* Airpeople-D (
* Kong-UK (
* Electric Electric-F (
* Angel At My Table-L (


Hello everyone and welcome to the Out Of The Crowd Festival blog!

This site will be a new possibility to share some info about the festival, videos, music and lots of Info.

For this first post, let me just announce the basic info for this year's edition.

The Out Of The Crowd Festival celebrates this year its 7th edition and the line-up is already one of the best ever so far :

It will take place at the Kulturfabrik in Esch/Alzette Luxembourg on the 17th of April and will start at 15h30 in the Afternoon.

Doors : 14h30

The Line-up is now complete :

* 65daysofstatic (UK)
* Royal Bangs (USA)
* Tubelord (UK)
* Vessels (UK)
* Patterns ( D)
* Heartbeat Parade (ex-dEFDUMp) (L)
* Airpeople (D)
* Kong (UK)
* Electric Electric (F)
* Angel At My Table (L)

+ This year the gallery will be transformed into a huge print art atelier by two french DIY associations. So be sure to bring allong t-shirts, sweatshirts, underwear or whatever you want, to get nice drawing printed on!

+ as usual veggie and vegan foods and loads of merch + distros to buy some fantastic music ;)

The presales are on as well : 16 euro
20 euro at the door, the day of the festival

Here are the online presale points :

Lux Ticket, E-Ticket and Ticket Regional

More will follow in the future!